Beatbox Notation 

Akim and Adam are developing methods of notating beatbox, and an archive of their methods and others'.  Please get in contact for further information.

Urban Tea Ceremony 

Akim Funk Buddha time travels to ancient Japan, and brings worlds together with the sound of a beat.

Urban Orchestra 

Akim Funk Buddha leads a hip hop improvised groove, with renowned musicians, that travels to all corners of the world.

Beatbox Drift 

Adam Matta creates beatbox improvisations, collaborations and interactions with video that describe a relationship to the living city. full performance

Muslim Voices 

Composer/producer Adam Matta is a beatboxing tour de force, melding hip-hop, electronic, jazz, and traditional Middle Eastern music for a unique and driving sound. Performing with his friends Dr. Fawzia Afzal-Khan (spoken word/voice), Nihan Devecioglu (voice), Noah Hoffeld (cello), Remi Kanazi (spoken word), Eyal Maoz (guitar), and Kenny Muhammad The Human Orchestra (beatbox), this second night of Muslim Voices in BAMcafé is sure to thrill.  full performance

Axis of Equals 

A festival of live music presenting artists who create and compose music that combines Middle Eastern and/or Jewish influences with a sensibility that is edgy and urban.  Concert was presented at Cornell University in 2008 (review).


Matta demonstrates live video interaction, as imagery is triggered by vocal percussion.

Machine Language 

Matta collaborates with League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (LEMUR), and improvises with robots.

Beatbox and Bicycle Wheel